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Riccardo Osteria

Authentic Northern Italian Restaurant

About us

Riccardo Osteria is Northern Italian restaurant from Riccardo Michi in Chicago.Riccardo started his career at a very young age in Milan's prestigious GIRARROSTO which was family owned. Then, in 1982 he moved to the United States and he opened the famous Sonny Bono's in Los Angeles. In 1987 he started to work with his cousin Roberto Ruggeri (owner of Bice Ventures), with him he opened Bice New York, Los Angeles and many others around the world.

Here through the craftsmanship of an Italian food connoisseur, dishes are prepared with an almost zen-like essentiality that has shaped Riccardo's professional and existential life course.

In the vein of a traditional Italian osteria as a casual, local gathering place for food, friends and wine, our menu reflects Italian country food inspired by regional ingredients.